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Springdale, PA 15144
Dynamite Pizza & Hoagies

At TNT Pizza we understand the need for your organization to raise funds quickly and efficiently.  With that in mind we have put together three high profit fundraisers to choose from.  For additional details or questions please stop by and see a manager or email us at info@tntpizza.net

The traditional hoagie sale has always been an Allegheny Valley favorite and is a great way to raise funds for your organization. We now provide 3 cold cut style hoagies to choose from including our own Italian hoagie, oven roasted turkey breast and Ham and cheese. All hoagies are assembled on fresh 13 inch Cellone's bread and made with the exact fine ingredients that we serve our customers in store. Lettuce and Italian dressings packets are included on the side.

How it Works: Contact us at info@tntpizza.net to setup a date/time for your hoagie fundraiser pickup. Use our order form below to collect your sales data. Suggested selling price is $10.00 per hoagie. Once all orders are in and paid for make arrangements at TNT for payment and pickup. Cost to you is $6.00 per hoagie.
Hoagie Order Form

TNT Pizza of Springdale “Community Pizza Night” program allows us to partner with your organization to generate a cash contribution. We will supply a custom designed voucher advertising your event. You will print and distribute the vouchers, and promote your fundraiser. A percentage of the total sales value attributed to each redeemed voucher will act as your “donation”. Everyone wins…your supporters receive a great meal from TNT Pizza and your organization receives a donation directly relational to your group’s efforts. Contact us at info@tntpizza.net to sign up today!